Saturday, 9 February 2013

i have started a new blog, i wont be using this one anyore (not that i really used it haha)

you can now find me over here:

Rachael x

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Doing some basting over here, YAY!
BOOO! for running out of pins :(

Rachael x

Monday, 2 April 2012

Busy doing Nothing...

Ive had this song stuck in my head for days now.

HELLO i haven't been on in here in like forever, and as the title suggests, ive been busy doing nothing. Last July i had a knee operation on my right knee, well guess what lucky me, got to also have an operation on my left knee, go me! So that kept me occupied from January to March. But i am now on the mend.

As i want this to remain a crafty blog, and not a blog about my defective knees haha, i will show my biggest finish, yay!

In january 2011 p.s. i quilt started the postage stamp quilt-along, i thought it looked so fun, and immediately bought all my supplies, well a year later and it is finished

isnt it pretty haha.

i have to say i love it, its pretty big, i'd say about a twin size, and im so happy i quilted it myself, with (not so) straight line quilting haha in yellow (and then i ran out of yellow thread) and pink thread.

look i even did a pieced back! im just so modest haha.

i love the back as much as the front, i really love the fabrics central park by kate spain, they really are totally gorgeous fabrics.

Quilt Stats

Fabric: central park by kate spain and kona white (jelly rolls)
size: 60 x 80"
perfect for: snuggling under :-)

well i'll hopefully be back in this space

Rachael x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

i love good post days

hello everyone.

i had a great post day today, ive been waiting on a few packages coming, first was the package for the love of solids swap, oh i was so excited to open it, i love suprises (it was a secret swap) and i must say i was so lucky i got like the best parcel ever, do you want to see.

i got this lovely sewing machine cover, i've been meaning to make one for ages and now i dont have to beacuse i have this great one. it was made by dawn guiltyquilter isn't it amazing, and thats not all i got

this is all my loot together look at the hoop bag its just amazing, and now i can carry my embroidery around, yay!

thought you needed to see a close up of the pouch. stunning!

as if that wasn't enough i also my rainbow charms from Ellison Lane Quilts and i have to say there is so much rainbowy goodness

aren't they so cute all stacked up, i think im going to make a quilt like this with them, but we'll see

they're amazing aren't they. Well that's all my bragging  post for today, it certainly was a good post day.


Saturday, 10 September 2011

oNE dAY...

No not the movie thats out now (great book by the way you should totally read it) anyway no one day i will be a good blogger. I keep going AWOL for no apparent reason, and it annoys me. So i'm back and guess what ive finised something Yipeee!!!

The finish is my second ever quilt, its only a lap size but im so happy with it. It was my grannys birhtday recently and i decide at the start of august that i was going to make her a quilt, so the week before her birthday i remember this and quickly got cutting. I decided on the Kaleidescope quilt from Dont call me Betsys kaleidescope quilt along i have to say it is the quickest quilt i've ever made (considering the last one took me 7 months)

I used my bundle of picnics and fairgrounds for it, and i totally love it, it is such a good pattern and is explained so well, it came together so quick.

To quilt it i did stippling, i absolutely love stippling its so fun to just put your headphones on and begin. This quilt was finished the night before my grannys birthday i think i was finishing the binding at 00.00 but it was worth it, She loved it and it now lives in her living room keeping her warm on the cold nights beginning to creep in.

I even did a pieced back which i am so proud of, these pictures were snapped on the morning of her birthday, so i was really cutting it fine, but i made it. Yay!!!

Hopefully i'll be back soon and become a good blogger.


Sunday, 17 July 2011

For the love of solids

There is a new swap up on Flickr and i'm so excited about it, its a modern swap were you only use solids to create something for your partner, here is my inspiration mosaic

1. Broken Dishes Quilt ~ Back, 2. Seeing Squares quilt, 3. Kona!, 4. Cacophony of Color - Bella Solids Parade, 5. Hexagon Quilt Front, 6. Broken Dishes, 7. SG quilt progress report, 8. escapade loves poseidon., 9. French knots, Echino & linen, oh, my!, 10. Close-up of Colorful Knots, 11. DQS10, 12. Whack-a-Bunny Quilt, 13. Lynzbobsquareknickers 2, 14. 204 doll Quilt swap 10, 15. Bottled Rainbows Quilt, 16. img_2027

Sign-ups ares till open if you want to join, it'll be so much fun.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Not a lot.....

of sewing going on around here, and its not because of the really good weather we've been having, that i've wanted to be outside all day rather than sew, i'll show you the reason (if you're screamish or just dont like icky things look away now)

Yes these are x-rays of my lovely knee, you may have noticed that there are bolts in the pictures, i now have 5 screws/bolts in my knee isn't that delightful (sorry if you're completely grossed out about these pictures i'm used to them now and thinks its quite cool.) So you might be wondering what these mean well it means that my whole leg is in a massive splint which means i cannot bend it at all, which is a tad annoying because its my sewing leg.

Well since i want this to be a "crafty type" blog I will show you some pillows i made before the operation

I love the pinwheel one because i made it using my liberty fabric and also because its massive (20inch) and really nice to snuggle into. My mum chose the fabrics for the other one and give me free reign on the design so i chose a string pillow at the start i wasnt too fussed but its growing on me now, and because i like close ups...

purple stippling

simple straight lines
i never know how to finish a post off so em....bye talk soon.

Oh i almost forgot i got awarded the Liebster award from Amelie at  i've never been awarded anything so im very happy. The three blogs im going to award it to are new to me and im so glad ive found them, they are:

1. Susan from its really fun to read and the pictures are really inspiring

2. Sarah at a blogger from northern ireland and just lovely colourful makes and photos

3. Laura Jane at even the blog name is so cool, and it lives up to every word, really great blog to read.

So thank-you to amelie and i hope you enjoy reading the blogs.